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Cold-Plus® Applications

Air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) units waste energy through natural inefficiency. Their compressors consume about 70% of the total energy, and the average building spends 35% of its total energy consumption on these systems.


Automotive A/C

Air conditioning systems in cars and trucks end up costing you money on repairs and replacement. Your system could run better and last longer saving you time and money.


Residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties all have HVAC systems in common. Because they consume so much energy, the potential for savings is substantial.

Refrigerated Transport

Transportation refrigeration units are gasoline and diesel powered cooling units that are installed on vehicles used in transporting produce, meat, dairy products, and other perishable goods.

Making a Difference

Our non-toxic formula conserves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and extends equipment life. This represents a valuable and sustainable solution for our customers.

Why Choose Us ?
Better Technology
The Cold-Plus® treatment optimizes performance and efficiency in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems. This unique stage-two process uses nuclei to improve pool boiling which increases thermodynamics. Cold-Plus® delivers cutting edge energy efficiency and cost saving solutions for businesses around the world.

  • Better Technology
  • Lifetime Treatment
  • Removes Oil Fouling
  • Prevents Oil Fouling
  • Reduces Friction
  • Longer Equipment Life
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5 Ways Cold-Plus® can save your company money
Oil build-up acts as a layer of insulation and causes the system to use more energy to work correctly. Oil Fouling prevents heat from transferring correctly. The negatively charged Cold-Plus® molecules attach to positively charged coils, pistons, and bearings to form a one molecule thick nano-polymer layer that allows enhanced heat transfer to take place. This new permanent layer prevents future oil fouling and increases the ability of the compressor to force refrigerant throughout the coils with less friction.
Cold-Plus® reduces the friction on cooling system components and allows the compressor to operate at a lower temperature and pressure reducing the amp draw.

80% of compressor wear occurs at start-up. The addition of Cold-Plus® eliminates the amp draw spike that occurs when the compressor starts. This adds to the longevity of the compressor and reduces the amps required to start the compressor.
Cold-Plus® optimizes the refrigerant flow to increase unit capacity and heat/cold transfer. Nano-polymers reduce surface tension and friction by bonding to the inner tubing wall, thus forming a protective barrier. The result is a more efficient system for the life of the equipment.
Cold-Plus® delivers better refrigerant pool boiling temperatures causing thermostats to reach temperature targets faster. This also removes more humidity in shorter run cycles which provides dryer and more desirable air conditioning.
Super slippery nano-sized polymers bond to friction surfaces and extend compressor life.

Air Conditioning

Two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States, at an annual cost of more than $11 billion to homeowners.


Small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year on energy. By becoming more energy efficient, small businesses help reduce green house gas emissions and improve their own bottom line.


From cold storage to transportation, it takes fuel to keep our our products and people refrigerated. Saving fuel not only helps save money, it helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Real Solutions

Reducing Costs

Cold-Plus® out performs other solutions in three key areas to reduce costs— compressor optimization, refrigerant management and preventive maintenance.
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